How Your Long-Term Care Organization Can Utilize A Policy Manager

By Anne Sweeney | 1/31/17 11:00 AM

Long-term care organizations have had their fair share of critique in terms of cost and competitiveness. Policy_ProcedureP&SImage.pngThat said, those with loved ones in a nursing home, assisted living, etc. want to know that they are receiving the best possible care. Like any healthcare or medical establishment, keeping up-to-date on policies and procedures is major. Not only does it keep you compliant and audit ready, but it ensures your patients are receiving leading care. A policies and procedures management system can work wonders. Besides assisting with compliance, it keeps documents organized, automates workflow to make you more efficient, and integrates easily with your existing portal or system. Here are some of the highlight features of a policy manager that will be most beneficial to your long-term care organization.

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9 Ways An Intranet Can Improve Your Senior Living Community

By Anne Sweeney | 11/8/16 11:00 AM

 Working for, managing, or promoting a senior living community is an all around tough but rewarding job. TheDepositphotos_1062518_xs.jpg tenants are dependent upon their community for not only primary care and needs, but also comfort, entertainment, and more. Their families want to be certain that their loved ones are being housed with the utmost care and quality. Providing 24/7 care for tenants whether scheduled or unscheduled, ensuring every aspect of the home - from food, to cleanliness, to medication knowledge – are up to the highest standards, and building relationships with tenants and their families are all a part of the job.

With so much going on, teamwork and communication from staff members is a must. An internal employee portal acts as a strong and secure organizational tool that consolidates all tasks in your community and is intuitive for employees to utilize. Here are nine ways an Intranet can improve the workflow of your senior living community.

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