Hospital Policy Management – Policy Archives and Good Recordkeeping

By Albert Jurkiewicz | 10/9/18 11:17 AM

Policy and Procedure Management in HospitalsManaging policies and procedures in hospitals is a huge task. We often see small critical access hospitals that have upwards of 1,000 hospital-wide policies in circulation. And the number only increases with the size of an organization. If you take this number and multiply it by the number of departments or individuals that both write and are required to review and have access to the final versions of the documents, the task of keeping it all organized is quite daunting. Therefore it is not surprising the first thing hospital administrators are looking for in a policy management system is  the ability to manage the review process and provide easy access to current versions of policies to the staff. A feature that is often overlooked is a solid revision tracking and archival engine.

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Eliminating Risk Using a Hospital Intranet

By HospitalPORTAL | 6/26/18 10:00 AM

Risk-Management in healthcareIt has happened to even the most meticulous of hospitals, a mix-up in patient documentation or possibly a policy wasn’t updated to the new regulations leading to an old protocol getting administered, both issues that can yield complications for patient care. If this has happened at your hospital or healthcare organization, then you know the importance of enhancing processes and systems by implementing an effective policy management program. A hospital Intranet offers the hospital a chance to develop, update, and collaborate on policy management efforts which can eliminate risk in a healthcare environment.

Effective Policy Management With An Intranet

The development of standardized policies and procedures can help to mitigate risk by promoting regulatory compliance and workplace safety. A hospital Intranet allows for staff members to create well-written, easy to update policies and procedures which can aid in the reduction of substandard patient care. Without an Intranet, the hospital would have to embark on a lengthy process of manual management and email communication around the same policy to several different department heads, waiting for approval and without being able to track the changes that were made. However, a hospital Intranet immediately eliminates these barriers to effective policy creation and execution.

Enforcing Accountability To Improve Patient Safety

Implementing an enterprise content management system such as the HospitalPORTAL Intranet with a built-in policy management platform is a key method for reducing the possibility of patient harm. With state of the art, built-in features such as track changes, read acknowledgement, automated workflows, on-screen reminders for review/approval tasks, and a number of reporting and audit trail options, it is impossible for a provider to avoid responsibility regarding any changes they may have made to policies involving patient care. This serves to keep hospital staff accountable and to accurately monitor when changes and updates occur that could compromise or even enhance patient care.

Promoting Hospital Compliance

One of the primary ways to ensure that a patient is receiving the highest possible standard of care is to adhere to procedural regulations. A hospital Intranet promotes hospital compliance which in turn, raises the level of patient/staff interactions, creating a more unified workforce that is delivering more standardized care. In addition to reducing medical practice variations, the Intranet enhances the hospital’s ability to comply with statutes, regulations, and accreditation requirements such as those set forth by HIPAA, helping them to pass surveys and meet regulatory mandates.

When patient care standards are formalized through the deployment of hospital policies and procedures, this enhances adherence to pre-established medical care standards which lends a positive reputation for your hospital.

Take the time to explore our website and learn more about the HospitalPORTAL Intranet and policy management solution. HospitalPORTAL is truly a great resource for enhancing patient safety and reducing risk in a hospital setting with easy to use tools that can assist your daily compliance and risk management routines. Learn more about our services by exploring the website today.

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Tips to Get Started Managing Your Nursing Policies

By HospitalPORTAL | 6/7/18 1:25 PM

Nursing Policy Management"What is your policies and procedures process?" 

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Why Policy Manager System Implementations Fail | HospitalPORTAL Blog

By Albert Jurkiewicz | 4/17/18 10:00 AM

 bigstock-Policies-Concept-with-Word-on--93407048There are many reasons why policy manager automation implementations fail.

Having been personally involved in over one hundred policy management system implementation projects and having talked to organizations both large and small that previously failed with enterprise-wide policy management software system roll-outs, I’ve heard my share of actual reasons (and excuses) that led to disappointing outcomes.

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Policy Management Automation Leads to ROI in Healthcare

By Anne Sweeney | 12/26/17 12:00 PM


It's no secret that well-managed policies and procedures can save your facility money and even increase your profits. Everyone in health care policy management can reap the benefits. But here, we will take a more serious look at your ROI.

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4 Features an IT manager should look for in a Policy Manager

By Justin Oshita | 11/14/17 12:01 PM

Policy Automation ChecklistAs a Hospital IT manager, you already have a multitude of tasks and you just had another one added to the list:  Finding and implementing new hospital policy management software.  HospitalPORTAL has worked with hospital IT managers since 1998. During that time we learned a lot about features and characteristics of policy management software that not only makes their work life easier, but makes policy management a breeze hospital wide.  This post will give you a few things to keep in mind when looking for a new policy manager.

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Tips on Buying a New Hospital Intranet

By Justin Oshita | 8/15/17 11:09 AM

Preparing for a new hospital intranetSo, you are ready to purchase a new intranet for your organization and are excited to boost productivity by leaps and bounds.  That’s a good start.  You’ll need to be sure that you are prepared once you have the software at your fingertips.  As a technical trainer for HospitalPORTAL, I work with hospitals from the very early stages of the intranet implementation process.  Because of this I have developed a sense of what can make the transition to a new hospital intranet as smooth as possible.

The first recommendation to prepare for a new hospital intranet is to identify who the key players are going to be.  It is best to have one or two people take ownership of the intranet and the implementation process.  In other words, you should pick a point person that will make sure steps are completed on time.  Our most successful clients have one or two people that will work with the other super-users to make sure the intranet is a cohesive place that staff can easily find the information that is most important to them. 

After you have identified the point person or persons, then find out who will be adding content to the intranet.   Initially start with crucial department administrators that you will want to be on the intranet from the start (HR, Nursing, and the homepage are usually good starting points).  Remember, building an intranet, especially if it’s your hospital’s first, can be a large project.  It’s good to start off small and add more content as you go on.  Once you have selected the initial super-users, have them view different intranets so they can get an idea of what content they will want to prepare for the new intranet.

Last, you will want to decide on the content you want to put on the intranet.  After the seeing other intranets, you should have a better idea of what can be hosted on the intranet.  Often times, the intranet is used to house policies and procedures.  It is a good idea to make sure you have these documents in electronic form and organized so you can make the transition seamless.  This can be a long process, especially if your policies are still in paper manuals or on numerous shared and local drives spread around the hospital.  Having the policies ready to go will help make your transition to a new intranet less stressful and faster.

Make sure you keep these tips in mind when starting your search for the right intranet.  Here at HopsitalPORTAL, we offer excellent hands-on training and implementation services, but preparation by the hospital project team is still key.  Follow these steps and you should be in great shape for a new hospital intranet.

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