4 Features an IT manager should look for in a Policy Manager

By Justin Oshita | 11/14/17 12:01 PM

Policy Automation ChecklistAs a Hospital IT manager, you already have a multitude of tasks and you just had another one added to the list:  Finding and implementing new hospital policy management software.  HospitalPORTAL has worked with hospital IT managers since 1998. During that time we learned a lot about features and characteristics of policy management software that not only makes their work life easier, but makes policy management a breeze hospital wide.  This post will give you a few things to keep in mind when looking for a new policy manager.

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Putting MBQIP Flex Grant Funds to Work in Healthcare Quality

By Anne Sweeney | 8/5/14 10:27 AM

Grant fundingQuality leaders at US hospitals today are buried in a flurry of new requirements, programs and regulations.  One such program that comes with a silver lining in the form of grant funding is MBQIP—Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Program.  Flex grants are administered by each state through State Offices of Rural Health.

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Using Your Hospital Intranet to Support a Compliance Program

By Anne Sweeney | 4/16/14 2:52 PM

Compliance_JonesEarlier this month, I had the pleasure of co-presenting the first in a series of 4 webinars with Felicia Sadler of Prophecy Health.  The session was entitled "Keeping Up & Staying Ahead: The Components of an Effective Compliance Program" and offered a primer on the many innate considerations in crafting a comprehensive compliance program.  First things first, a one-hour session can only scratch the surface of a topic such as this.  Felicia did an amazing job of introducing a number of key drivers and requirements and providing resources to circle back to dig deeper on any given point.  

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5 Steps to a Successful Automated Policy Management Implementation

By George Ciesielski | 6/25/13 1:20 PM

Policy ManagementImplementing a new electronic system for managing Policies & Procedures or migrating to a new system can be an intimidating and challenging process but it does not have to be if you make the proper preparations and follow these 5 key steps to a successful policy management implementation.

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Recap: Improving Document Management in Hospitals Using the Intranet

By Anne Sweeney | 5/20/13 9:22 AM

Document ManagementLast week’s session in HospitalPortal.net’s educational webinar series seems to have struck a chord with attendees.  Comments included I found it jam packed with great suggestions and was very pleased with the format, content of the program and how much value was included in the content. I have many ideas as a result. Thanks for the opportunity!” Other feedback from the session has consistently been appreciative of covering in fair detail a topic that rarely is granted a closer look: the nitty gritty details of meticulous document management, especially with consideration of the highly regulated nature of healthcare. 

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Service Excellence--An Inspirational Journey

By Anne Sweeney | 1/23/12 3:53 PM

Healthcare Service ExcellenceWhat a pleasure it was to have spent a good part of my week last week being indoctrinated into why Service Excellence is an important, practically imperative goal for healthcare organizations today. The theme of Custom Learning Systems’ 2012 conference was “Thriving on Healthcare Reform” and it was an appropriate title.

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