What are IT Directors Looking for When Purchasing Healthcare Intranet Software?

Purchasing Healthcare Intranet Software

healthcare IT explaining softwareYour hospital likely has an IT department that is dedicated to managing the software and systems that are the backbone of your hospital or healthcare organization. This department works tirelessly to fix any issues that may arise including Internet connectivity issues or the selection of a healthcare Intranet for staff members to access. If your IT department is searching for a robust Intranet solution to help effectively meet the needs of your hospital, it helps to learn how the process works. Understanding what occurs when IT directors purchase new Intranet software can assist in the selection process of choosing the best Intranet software solution.

The first stage of the process – The Request For Intranet Software

The first stage of the process when it comes to buying Intranet software is that a request is made to the IT department from other departmental managers in the organization. The head of the company’s departments (often times HR, Marketing, Communications, or even someone in IT) will usually have a general idea of what they need the Intranet software to be able to accomplish within their organization. Once the request for software is placed with the IT department, IT staff immediately begin looking for the best solutions to help match the specs outlined in the initial request.

What IT looks for in a Healthcare Intranet

Following the request for an Intranet software that is a match to the organization’s needs, the IT department heads begin searching for a dynamic solution that will prove to be the right fit. There are some key components which are necessary to ensure that the Intranet software is the right one. Some of these key components include:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to navigate
  • Comes with support
  • Includes a robust features list
  • Includes a very concise demo of the software
  • Includes active directory integration
  • Easy to maintain/update/publish content
  • Convincing unique selling points (USPs)

Type of Intranet – Hosted or Installed

Another key determining factor in which Intranet software to select is whether or not the Intranet is hosted or installed. The decision to go with one or the other option rests largely on the size of the hospital and what their main needs are. A hosted option is suitable for hospitals or healthcare organizations of all sizes, however, smaller organizations definitely benefit the most from a hosted option due to lack of server space and costs associated with upgrading servers to accommodate installed systems. A larger hospital may have the server space and resources to support the size requirements of an installed Intranet software.

Costs involved with deploying the Intranet software

In addition to the overall cost of the actual software, the IT department heads will also need to consider the cost of deploying the software itself. These costs include training staff members which could require additional paid hours outside of standard time on the job.

Looking at peer reviews for social proof

The purchase of Intranet software is a major decision and to make the right choice, IT department heads often turn to their peers for social proof. Great reviews by partner hospitals can prove convincing when it’s time to make the choice of which Intranet software to go with.

There’s a lot that goes into making the best selection of which Intranet software to purchase and the IT department has a lot to consider prior to making the best determination. By keeping these points in mind, you can narrow down the options and make a shortlist of options in Intranet software to facilitate your organization in making the best possible choice.

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