What Does your Logo Color Say About your Organization?

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bigstock-Medical-logo-medical-center-l-115906496.jpgYour logo is everything. It’s your calling card, your brand, the very face of your company. Your logo is your identity. Boasting a logo over saturated with too many design details and a confusing color scheme can, believe it or not, hurt your business in the long run. So what are some of the important elements and ideas that you should consider when deciding upon the best colors for your logo design…

  • Psychology for one. Color affects mood, it can engage or subsequently repel people. In some instances, actually stimulating emotion, color can sharply influence a person’s decisions and perspectives. Some of the most profitable companies in existence have paid close attention to the psychology of color when devising a scheme for their logos. This infographic does a great job of illustrating the significance of color and feeling, and its overall impact on logo design.
  • Versatility. In the world of business, the bottom line is extraordinarily important. Implementing cost effective strategies and saving money is always of vital concern. So something as simple as utilizing efficient colors in your logo can certainly help save. Your logo will be attached to virtually everything you do, all of the marketing media you produce, all of your online content, printed materials, company clothing, you name it, and your logo will more often than not be there. It’s wise to consider this while designing your new logo. Colors cost money. A lot of colors cost a lot of money. Not to mention the ‘busyness’ factor…stick to one or two colors and keep it simple, tasteful and thus, cheap!

A logo might not always remain static. Times change, people change and so too, must businesses. Choosing great colors for your logo in the very beginning stages can certainly help maintain continuity and brand identity throughout any such change or redesign in which your firm might engage. A perfect example in understanding the progression of a company’s logo/brand can be seen with the evolution of Google’s trademark design.

While understanding the need to update their brand and stay relevant as far as the general look and feel of their logo, their color scheme remained. Choosing wisely early on, they were able to maintain their core identity through color, and yet update their overall logo image to keep it modern.

The professional expression of your logo is something you should definitely keep in mind. Colors go a long way toward bolstering your brand and distinguishing your business as one that is polished and current. Consulting a professional logo designer or design firm is certainly in your best interest. Versed on important trends, appropriate styles, and colors that play well with your target demographic, a design professional will steer you in the right direction and ultimately help you craft the best logo possible. If you are interested in additional best practices in creative design or logo design, please give us a call. We are happy to offer you some guidance in development of a new logo or creative design in order to refresh of your current Intranet or client-facing website.

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