Why Does My Hospital Need a Board Portal?

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Depositphotos_8849459_xs The board of directors is most influential on the direction and future of a hospital so why do so many hospitals neglect to implement a “Board Portal” directly on the hospitals’ intranet site? Is it not vital that board members not only have ease of communication but also have unified and consistent documents and information disseminated to all members? Not convinced? Here are 4 important reasons to publish a board portal:

• Publishing meeting minutes and other meeting information eliminates the need to send out email to distribute the information or (forgive me for saying it) printing binders. Eliminate intrusive email and phone requests for previous meeting information such as minutes by publishing the archived meeting information directly on the board portal.
• Intranet board pages encourages collaboration and communication between the board members as well as administrative staff further improving not only the overall experience of the board members but also positive outcomes for decisions made by the board.
• Because of the centralized location of the content, not only are the most current versions of documents and information available but the members can quickly and easily access information that otherwise would have required time consuming searching for in various locations and platforms.
• Easily publish member profiles and /or contact information with the ability to publish a public list as well as a secure internal contact list containing private contact information that should only be accessible by other members, administrative staff or specified individuals.

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There are no real limits to the types of content that can be published on a board portal. Examples of typical board member content published on a HospitalPORTAL intranet include:

• Vision and Mission Statements
• Current & Archived Meeting Minutes
• Meeting Agendas
• Meeting Materials
-Medical Staff Related
• Upcoming Meetings Calendars
• Member Rosters with Photos
• Contact Lists (private and/or public)
• Board News & Events
• Announcements
• Statistics / benchmarks / measurements dashboards
• Board Related Policies & Procedures
• Bylaws
• Links to Internal or External Content Related to Board Members
• Executive Reports Committee Reports
• Planning & review management materials

As technology continues to evolve there are now new and exciting tools out there for handling board meetings empowering the board members to manage their meeting notes. HospitalPORTAL has a new feature included in the portal product called “Meeting Packets”. This new component of the HospitalPORTAL intranet platform allows board members to not only open and view meeting minutes on their tablets/mobile devices/laptops but also to annotate the minutes directly in the meeting file and save them for future review. This is an excellent tool which allows members to maintain the meeting minutes in a centralized, safe and secure location without risk of losing the notes and always having access to the minutes for whenever the notes become needed.

Technology is empowering the administrative staff and board members to publish and maintain a board portal without having to rely on the IT department since the ease of use of modern content management systems make publishing content very easy.

Board pages are an important feature for a hospitals intranet that should not be overlooked. Contact HospitalPORTAL today for information on how you can implement your board department portal.

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