Why You Need a Policy Manager at Your Organization

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Why You Need a Policy ManagerNew and Changing Regulatory Rules

Today, industries are faced with the addition of new regulatory rules or changes just about every day or at the very least every month. What does that mean to every organization, especially healthcare organizations, where patient care, quality, and safety are the biggest concerns? It means your organization must be able to quickly update your policies and procedures in order to stay on top of all of these changes. With that said, it’s impossible for organizations to author, create or update new policies and procedures in a timely manner. Trying to keep up with the demand usually leads to the creation of poorly written policies and a number of different versions available. When you add in no staff comprehension or attestation, your organization creates compliance, quality of care, security and other risk management issues. There can also be other significant issues caused by the mishandling of policies and procedures such as failing audits or surveys which can cost the organization a significant amount of money in terms of fines or even law suits. When this happens, it is not just a regulatory policy concern, but also the internal corporate policies as well, like Human Resource policies.

Implementing an Automated Policy Manager

Technology is the solution! Implementing an automated policy and procedure management system will eliminate the mishandling of your policies. A centralized policy system allows for the management of policies and procedures in one location so you can easily update and distribute your policies effectively. This system will always ensure that your policies are compliant with only the most current version available. Automating your policy management efforts is the answer to your regulatory update challenges. It also increases productivity in your staff, more quality output, and saves your organization time and money. This is a win-win for everyone.

What Makes up a Solid Policy Management System

Outlined below are the core features of an automated policy and procedure management system. As the need for these types of systems grows, new features and options will become available too.

  1. Flexible automated workflow
  2. Policy distribution
  3. Complete version control
  4. Ability to track revisions
  5. Ability to review and approve policies
  6. Attestation of policies
  7. The ability to create comprehension quizzes for all or selected policies
  8. Secure views and access
  9. Reporting and dashboards
  10. Workflow notification

How We Can Help

Our policy manager provides everything listed above plus many more features giving you a complete solution at an affordable price. The flagship solution, HospitalPORTAL, features a full Content Management System (CMS) Intranet with an automated Policy Manager built-in. An Intranet specifically designed for healthcare but can be implemented in any organization. The system is user-friendly, affordable, and engages your staff with many social networking tools.

The standalone system, ComplyALIGN, is a Cloud-Based SaaS delivered Policy Manager designed to protect your documents and data at-all-times. Considered one of the simplest policy management systems on the market with many pricing packages for scalable growth.

Final Thoughts

There is really no reason not to have an automated policy management system at your organization. Managing paper and documents manually is a truly a thing of the past. The systems available are affordable and easy to use; you just need to choose the right solution that supports your needs and requirements. It’s time to protect your organization and your staff! Don’t let older versions of policies and procedures get in the way of passing internal or external audits, or even everyday business. Everyone needs to be on the same page!

For more information about the HospitalPORTAL Intranet and Policy Manager, please visit HospitalPORTAL.net or contact us at sales@hospitalportal.net or review our product information here. For more information about ComplyALIGN standalone Policy Manager system without an Intranet, please visit us at www.ComplyALIGN.com.

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