Why Your Organization Should Attend The Strategic Internal Communications

Attend The Strategic Internal Communications

The Advanced Learning Institute’s (ALI) 2nd Strategic Internal Communications for Health Care takes Depositphotos_42038337_original.jpg
place April 19-21 in Chicago. The conference will host successful organizations and speakers to share their experiences, hear your stories, and talk all things communication and healthcare-oriented. The best part? If you register for this event before March 3, you’ll save $400! What is better than that you ask? If you mention HospitalPORTAL into the promo code, you can receive an additional $200 off! If you do end up attending, come find us, we will have a booth too.

Aside from the excellent savings, here are some reasons why you should register for ALI’s Strategic Internal Communications for Healthcare conference right now:

Networking opportunities

All experts attending can use this opportunity to learn and grow from each other. You’ll have the chance to speak with multiple hospitals and healthcare organizations who have gotten their internal communications down. Discuss your challenges and triumphs, and learn how they do what they do – all throughout hands-on networking sessions.

Interactive Workshops

There will be four interactive workshops on Wednesday, April 19. During this time, attendees will have the chance to talk with each other and dive into challenges and issues concerning communication, collaboration, innovation and more. They are a great way to get the conference started, and a chance to learn new things that you can take back to the office.

Manageable group sizes

Attendees will be split into smaller group sizes to foster better dialogue and communication without being overwhelming. You’re guaranteed to listen and be heard throughout this event.

Access to presentations for future use

Should you want to refer back on something you learned, attendees will be able to receive access to presentations from speakers, organizations and events, even after the conference is over. That way, you’ll always have direct access to quality information while implementing new strategies in the workplace.

It’s one of the only healthcare conferences catered to internal communications

Need we say more? ALI’s conference provides an excellent opportunity for healthcare internal communicators to connect and learn from each other in an environment that is tailored specifically to your work.

You won’t want to miss this! All meeting sessions will take place at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. To register now or to gather more information, visit ALI’s website now.

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