Knute Nelson Healthcare Case Study

Knute Nelson experienced recent company growth and needed a system to connect their 21 counties of remote staff. Selecting an Intranet with a Policy Manager built in was their main goal. They selected the HospitalPORTAL Intranet CMS to create a centralized communication hub that could also manage all of their documents and employee policies. Find out how Knute Nelson utilized the HospitalPORTAL Intranet CMS to bridge the communication gap between their remote workforce and distribute documents across multiple facilities. 

St. Luke's Duluth Case Study

St. Luke’s MN had an archaic Intranet system that left their staff wondering how to access certain documents and vital information. However, besides the challenge of working with an Intranet system that was created decades ago, the hospital also faced major concerns about the efficiency of their policy management system. Find out how St. Luke's Hospital revolutionized their communications and their policy management using the HospitalPORTAL Intranet CMS.  
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Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Case Study

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center's old system was outdated and the document approval process was cumbersome making more work rather less. HPMC selected the HospitalPORTAL system because of its robust communication and publishing tools, but also for the built-in Policy Management system. With 434 beds and a primary care community of over 500 physicians, they needed a system that could offer more functionality and was simple to use. 

HCHC Case Study

Henry County Health Center Case Study

Henry County Health Center needed a communication hub with a strong workflow and policy management component. Since implementing HospitalPORTAL in 2006, they've increased productivity, saved paper, and kickstarted multiple projects to get the most out of their system.

MMC Client Case Spotlight

Memorial Medical Center Client Case Spotlight

Memorial Medical Center needed a central hub of information and a place to store their policies and procedures. Within the first three months of utilizing HospitalPORTAL's automated system, they were able to share all information digitally, as opposed to using paper or email. Managing policies is now a breeze, and they are moving forward by consistently adding new features and taking on new projects.

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Logansport Client Case Spotlight

Logansport Memorial Hospital was in need of a Policies and Procedures system with a robust approval system and an iron-clad audit trail to meet HFAP Accreditation standards. With HospitalPORTAL, they've managed 3,434 policies in the last 5 years. Download now to learn about how their Intranet and Policy Manager has improved their organization.

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Exeter Client Success Story

Exeter Health Resources in Exeter, New Hampshire, was in need of a new Intranet with a robust search engine, a document control solution and an updated look and feel. Working with HospitalPORTAL, their Intranet, the Pulse, went live in just six months. Download now to learn about how they did it.

Rush Memorial Hospital

Rush Memorial Hospital in Rushville, Indiana, needed a system that allowed them to consolidate tasks, documents, etc. Before, documents needed to be signed and constantly uploaded. With HospitalPORTAL, they have one place for everything and have reduced paper usage.

Ashtabula County Medical Center Case Study

In October 2014 authorities tracked an Ebola-stricken nurse's travels to Ohio. Panic struck the Cleveland area--and Ashtabula Medical Center immediatly began working with Clevland Clinic on an Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Union Hospital Case Study

When Union Hospital went through a period of rapid expansion, they needed an intranet solution that could keep up. This case study tells the story of how HospitalPORTAL helped them improve communication and engagement throughout the ever expanding organization.