Case Study - Prime Health Services Case Study

Due to acquisitions, the 13 hospital Prime Healthcare Services network needed to consolidate several different systems.  Find out how they arrived at HospitalPORTAL to connect 8,000 employees from several different facilities in one central hub.

Pioneer Health Network Case Study

One small hospital in the middle of Kansas had a huge problem:  Two directors left, they lost half their nursing policies, and every department had their own templates with no way to share them with the rest of the hospital. Find out how they used HospitalPORTAL to turn their hospital around and became the envy of the other 18 hospitals in the Pioneer Health Network.

Davis Health System Case Study

Like many hospitals, Davis Health System was stuck with a "free" version of SharePoint that ended up costing them more than they could have imagined.  The cost of customization and upgrades to meet their needs became too much.

Pen Bay Healthcare Case Study

This case study follows Pen Bay's decision to replace their old, resource hogging intranet system with It will explain the benefits they found of a system that can be used by the technical layman over one that requires an IT expert to update and maintain.