St. Luke's Duluth, MN

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    St. Luke’s MN had an archaic Intranet system that left their staff wondering how to access certain documents and vital information. However, besides the challenge of working with an Intranet system that was created decades ago, the hospital also faced major concerns about the efficiency of their policy management system. Find out how St. Luke’s Hospital revolutionized their communications and their policy management using the HospitalPORTAL Intranet and Policy Management System.

    What will be covered:

    • How St. Luke’s improved and streamlined internal communications & policy management activities
    • Making the decision to select HospitalPORTAL as a vendor
    • Results after implementation
    • How to avoid challenges during an Intranet project


    Using a proof of concept system to ease staff and managers into use

    Developing a standards guide for use to ensure less error and more adoption