Our Hospital Intranet Summary


A fully featured and modern Intranet with an integrated Policy and Procedures Management Solution that no longer requires a large hospital budget. Our solution is an out-of-the box Content Management System (CMS) specifically designed for healthcare organizations.

Key Point 1

  • List of core features 

Key Point 2

  • Product Benefits

Key Point 3

  • Product features with benefits
Prime Healthcare Testimony

“Now, during surveys or state mandated investigations, whenever a surveyor asks for policies and procedures on a particular item, the person can go in a workstation and obtain the information in seconds.  This was almost turnkey and our IT department customized all 13 sites from the platform in just weeks.”

Jason LaMarca
Corporate Marketing Manager & Webmaster, Prime Healthcare Services, Inc, California

“HospitalPortal.net has been a valuable and trusted vendor of our organization for quite some time.  We use their Intranet Portal product as a tool to communicate important information to our associates and provide them access to a variety of documents, policies and procedures.  Their Intranet Portal product integrated with the automated Policies & Procedures Manager is a dependable and reliable tool that our organization utilizes daily.  We’ve found their staff to be professional, helpful and responsive to our needs.  I would highly recommend their products and services to your organization.”

Stacy Speidel
IT Manager, Henry County Health Center, Iowa