No Need to Bother IT!

HospitalPORTAL offers an enterprise-level solution with a simple IT infrastructure. There is no need to allocate an army of dedicated IT administrators to manage the implementation of the solutions. Our comprehensive installation and implementation services include offsite and onsite training options, system installation and configuration support, document configuration and upload support, and an ongoing support and maintenance plan.

Web-Based for Easy Integration with Your Intranet

Site can be accessed via a dynamic url 24/7 from inside and outside of your organization. Place this hyperlink anywhere on your current Intranet or SharePoint system. Use a text link or a graphical button for quick reference. Just point your staff to this link, and in one-click, they are ready to browse our online policy manager. Active Directory integration gives them a seamless work experience so searching and accessing policies is a breeze. Gain the benefits of having ComplyALIGN built-into your Intranet by purchasing the HospitalPORTAL Full Portal Solution!

Your Own Project Manager

We provide you with a dedicated project manager as well as a client engagement manager to oversee your project and maintain your account. These team members along with our support staff are available for one-on-one consulting from every step of the project. As part of your purchase, you get FREE consultations throughout the year where we provide you with actionable insights and a plan to improve and enhance your systems. Before putting together your portal, our team will consult with yours to map out an exact plan and to figure out the best possible solutions beforehand.

FREE Product Updates

With SaaS model, there are no updates to install. We provide quarterly new releases that provide product enhancements and improvements so you can utilize the features right away. For installed applications, we coordinate updates times with your staff to get you the latest and newest features. All releases and updates are followed by a training webinar to show you and your staff how to take advantage of using the latest features.

Active Directory Support

  • Azure Authentication
  • Retrieval of Groups & Users
  • Real Time Authentication
  • Automatic Import

Upload Files Quickly

We offer an in-system MFU for uploading multiple files into our system from your local or shared drives. We can pull content and folder structures directly into the system in the same formats and layout as they are on your current system.

If you would like to learn more about our system, please contact our sales department at 866-580-7700, Press 2 or email us at sales@hospitalportal.net

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