6 Time Savers Using Your Intranet

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6 Time Savers Uses of an Intranet

About this Document:

In a hospital setting, time is limited. Every moment adds up, and any time saved for simple tasks is crucial. This eGuide is intended to explain the ways your Intranet can assist and simplify tasks throughout your day to save time.

How does your current Intranet system match up? Check out our Intranet checklist to see if its time for a new healthcare Intranet for your organization. This helpful list will provide you with some questions to ask yourself about your current portal. If you’re interested in learning more about the HopsitalPORTAL Intranet and Policy Management system, please schedule a demo with us today! We can take you through a 30-minute demonstration of the healthcare-specific features and document management tools.

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    • 1.

      Easy Content Publishing

      Learn how your Intranet can assist you when it comes to publishing content

    • 2.

      Be More Productive

      Save time responding to emails, phone calls, and FAQs

    • 3.

      Google-Like Search

      How to utilize your Intranet to locate information, documents and policies

    Client Feedback

    OMCL logo

    Angie Jensen

    Technical Communications Specialist and Intranet Administrator

    Over the past year, we've worked very closely with HospitalPORTAL and a core team of OMC employees to further optimize our Intranet, 'OMConnect,' as an organizational communication hub. That work is just starting to pay off in reduced e-mail volume and a much lower chance of message misinterpretation by OMC staff. And we're really excited to see how employees put OMConnect's new social-media-like features to work!

    Red Hutchison

    Chief Information Officer

    We chose HospitalPORTAL’s Intranet because it was easy to build, easy to use and robust enough to do whatever we want to do. We have saved thousands of dollars in paper costs along with time thanks to the HospitalPORTAL Intranet.
    marshall logo

    Sebastian Vota

    PACS Administrator

    I wish all training was this comprehensive.

    Cass Shockley

    Information Specialist & Graphics Designer

    I’m hearing such comments as ‘wow,’ ‘I’ve been asking for this for years,’ and ‘you’re saving my department a month’s worth of overtime’ since HospitalPORTAL installed the program.