Tips For Establishing Governance on an Intranet or Policy Manager Project

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Establishing Governance

About this Document:

This document provides tips and guidance for selecting a governance team for an upcoming Intranet or Policy Management projects

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    • 1.

      Type of Staff

      Learn which members from various departments will be best for your team and where they may fit in.

    • 2.


      Review the purpose of the governance team and what work they should be doing on the project.

    • 3.


      This guide goes over drafting a tentative timeline to help get your ideas in order.

    Client Feedback


    Kristen Higley

    Administrative Specialist

    We are loving the update. It’s been very helpful as I’ve been updating the site. We are currently working on getting each department on board to utilize their department pages as efficiently as possible. We are preparing for an upcoming Medicare survey as well, and it has been great to have many of our regulations covered by Portal capabilities.

    Andrew Kinnear

    Data Analyst

    Overall, this is an excellent product that has brought our organization's Intranet into the 21st century. I am extremely pleased with the ease of use and the staff who develop, implement, and support St. Luke's hospital!

    Red Hutchison

    Chief Information Officer

    We chose HospitalPORTAL’s Intranet because it was easy to build, easy to use and robust enough to do whatever we want to do. We have saved thousands of dollars in paper costs along with time thanks to the HospitalPORTAL Intranet.
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    Sebastian Vota

    PACS Administrator

    I wish all training was this comprehensive.

    Cass Shockley

    Information Specialist & Graphics Designer

    I’m hearing such comments as ‘wow,’ ‘I’ve been asking for this for years,’ and ‘you’re saving my department a month’s worth of overtime’ since HospitalPORTAL installed the program.