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HospitalPORTAL Intranet Product FAQs eGuide

Have questions about our Intranet product? Looking to evaluate our software against others? Check out this FAQs eGuide and get all of your questions answered in one spot! If you don't see a question addressed that you still have, please reach to us at sales@hospitalportal.net. If you've learned enough and want to see our product in action, please schedule a demo. 

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Quick Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your Policy Management System

Check out these quick tips for getting the most out of your healthcare policy management system!  Click the download link below to get a copy of the eGuide.

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Key Tips for Emergency Preparedness Using Your Intranet

Using your Intranet for Emergency Preparedness and Response is one way to ensure that you're following an effective crisis management program and keeping your staff and patients safe. Check out our eGuide showing you all the different features that can be used as an emergency aid for your healthcare organization. 

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Is a new Healthcare Intranet Right for you?

We’ve compiled a list of 12 ways in which your current Intranet CMS should be supporting you. Before your organization decides to create or modify its own homegrown or SharePoint Intranet, check out our list to see how closely your system measures up.

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Intranet Publishing Guide

You've implemented a new Intranet. Now, it's time to utilize it by providing and organizing information in the most efficient way possible.

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Tips For Establishing Governance For An Intranet Project

The governance team is a set group of key players involved with the implenentation of new projects.

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6 Ways To Build An Effective Compliance Program

Remaining compliant with CMS, HIPPA, etc. is a crucial part of the healthcare industry.  Keeping your organization compliant can often be challenging and require a great amount of manual processes and communication efforts.  

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Quick Tips for a Policy Manager System Implementation

A policy manager provides an incredible user experience by automating what were once tedious processes.  However, as with any project, implementing it comes with its own set of challenges. Follow these tips, and your implementation is sure to go as smooth and worry-free as possible.

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Best Practice Guide - Governance Questions for Intranet Strategy

Searching for a new Intranet and not sure where to start? Our new Governance Questions Best Practices Guide will provide you all of the necessary questions to ask and pieces to look at throughout the process. 

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How Your ASC Can Utilize an Intranet for Infection Control Compliance

Infection control compliance is a crucial aspect in any ASC. An Intranet is a powerful communication and organizational tool that will assist your ASC with remaining compliant.