Once a client of HospitalPORTAL, you can enjoy a range of support and training services to help you become the most proficient user and product leader. Our goal is to give you superior client service by guiding you in the best practices in healthcare communication and policy automation.


Our in-house, support team has over 15 years of experience supporting the dynamic needs and challenges of hospital Intranet and policy management projects. With our extensive history working with healthcare organizations, we have built our client support services based on the input that our clients have shared with us over the years. We an in-depth understanding of the idiosyncrasies of healthcare so we can provide the bestpractices and solutions to the common healthcare challenges. Our expert support team will help your team deal with tricky issues, from strategy and governance, to information security and privacy concerns. We offer annual support services so your team can contact us monthly for all support issues or additional training and product updates.


Our support doesn't just stop with simple support requests, we offer an abundance of online training services to help your team stay current with the features of the system. We provide monthly webinars to keep your staff trained to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your communication efforts or document management activities. You will also receive a dedictated account manager that will be available to you as long as you remain a client of HospitalPORTAL. We want to be sure that you have all of the guidance, training, and support that you need to maintain a successful automated workflow using our products.


New Academy Logo.pngOnce a client, you will have full access to our HospitalPORTAL Academy, Your Self-Service Support & Training Center for your Intranet and Policies and Procedures Management System. Clients will find how-to videos, best practice webinars, focused refresher demos, user manuals, release updates, and product specific blog articles. Clients can also enjoy our community forum which is designed to allow conversation between clients and organizations so they might share product knowledge and use, policies and procedures templates or guidance, and other timely, helpful healthcare tips.


Please login to HospitalPORTAL Academy for frequently asked questions  and training resources or email with your support-related inquiry.