Forms & Workflows OVERVIEW

Automate your workflow with our Forms and Workflow Features!

12998339_1727131094171627_9010366166073503312_o.pngAn Intranet, at its core, should automate your current paper-based, internal communication processes. One way an Intranet achieves this is in the creation of fillable forms that can be sent through automated workflows. Common hospital operations that involve paper signatures, reviews, and reporting can be quickly replaced with fillable form automation. Email notifications can alert the correct staff member when a form is submitted and received, and the workflow can be logged within the system so managers can report on these activities.

Intranet forms can be easily created with simple drag and drop form builders that can turn any internal document into a quick form. This will eliminate the transferring of printed paperwork—and with a robust search engine at your fingertips, employees can find forms easily eliminating the need to ask multiple people to assist them. One simple form that is heavily used on an Intranet is the Paid Time-Off (PTO) request form. This form is very useful for HR departments and a great way to track requests electronically. Utilizing the Intranet calendar and the PTO form, your organization can create a complete, seamless, and real-time process for managing and approving time off.

Our Forms and Workflows Builder allows for portal administrators to create online fillable forms by using an easy to use Form Builder Wizard. Each form can include any combination of single/multi line textboxes, checkboxes, labels, dropdown lists, radio buttons, date pickers, and more. The forms can then be published on any page of the intranet and be filled out by the end user. The user’s submission will go to designated users who will get email notifications and/or reminders in the Policy Manager component. 

ghj8359y4-34y34.pngThe Form Builder is a simple to use tool that allows administrators to create and manage their form templates.

Form creation is done in a 3-step process:

  1. Design Form:
    1. Design the form template
    2. The form template can be used on many pages, thus the template must be designed independently of the publishing step
  2. Design Workflow:
    1. Design the workflow if necessary
    2. Workflow is the submission routing path
    3. The same workflow could be potentially used to route different forms
    4. The workflow design step is separate from the publishing step
    5. Workflow design step can be skipped in some cases
  3. Publish Form:
    1. Place form component on a page
    2. Assign form template and workflow to the component

 The HospitalPORTAL Forms Builder provides a simple framework for implementing custom developed forms routing information in a true paperless environment. A workflow can also be attached to a published form so it can be processed and reported on. The workflow system uses the P&P reminder and tasks management features to alert a user of their actions. Reminders appear on the user’s homepage. This list of reminders includes Policy Managementactions if the user has those responsibilities, but any tasks or forms that need approving will be seen here as well. The forms and workflows works seamlessly with the Policy Management system. 

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