Is a New Healthcare Intranet Content Management System (CMS) Right for You?

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This document provides guidance on the ways your current Intranet should be supporting you. If you're looking to revamp your homegrown Intranet or revitalize your SharePoint site, use this guide to ensure with simple updates, your Intranet can provide all of these features. If not, it might be time to purchase a new, out-of-the-box healthcare Intranet CMS. 

12 Ways Your Healthcare Intranet Should Support You

  • Learn the 12 ways your healthcare Intranet CMS should support you

Compare Your Intranet

  • Compare your home grown intranet to our features list to help you determine if you need a new solution or not

Core Features of a Good Healthcare Intranet

  • This guide covers the core features of a  good  out-of-the-box healthcare intranet. 
Prime HealthCare Testimonial

“Now, during surveys or state mandated investigations, whenever a surveyor asks for policies and procedures on a particular item, the person can go in a workstation and obtain the information in seconds.  This was almost turnkey and our IT department customized all 13 sites from the platform in just weeks.”

Jason LaMarca
Corporate Marketing Manager & Webmaster, Prime Healthcare Services, Inc, California
Henry County Health Center

“ has been a valuable and trusted vendor of our organization for quite some time.  We use their Intranet Portal product as a tool to communicate important information to our associates and provide them access to a variety of documents, policies and procedures.  Their Intranet Portal product integrated with the automated Policies & Procedures Manager is a dependable and reliable tool that our organization utilizes daily.  We’ve found their staff to be professional, helpful and responsive to our needs.  I would highly recommend their products and services to your organization.”

Stacy Speidel
IT Manager, Henry County Health Center, Iowa