with an Integrated Policy Management System

Intranet Software For Healthcare

A fully-featured, social and functional healthcare Intranet with an integrated Policy Manager that no longer requires a large budget. Our solution is an out-of-the box Intranet specifically designed for hospitals, clinics, and long-term care healthcare organizations. We customize your Intranet development around your needs. At HospitalPORTAL, we’ve helped many healthcare facilities find Intranet success with our simple content management system. With our solution, you can create a digital workplace for your healthcare staff so they don’t miss vital news, announcements or updates to policies.

With our innovative Intranet designs, we make it possible for your healthcare organization to improve its internal staff communications and automate administrative workflows with the use of only ONE technology solution. Now, your healthcare organization can get the features and functionality of a comprehensive system that is proven, affordable and that does not require extensive implementation or customization efforts. You’re one step closer to getting the healthcare portal of your dreams! Learn more below.

Core Features

Content Management Systems

  • Simple Content Editing and Publishing
  • Smart, Integrated Search Engine
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Installed or Hosted

Secure View and Access Security Controls

  • Seamlessly Integrates with Active Directory
  • Supports Multi-Domain Environments
  • Single Sign-On, Pass-Through or Mixed Mode Access
  • Restricted Views
  • Role-Based Editing Rights

Built-In Policy Manager

  • Document Automation
  • Reviews, Revisions
  • Approval Workflows
  • Document in Effect Reports

Forms and Workflows

  • Over 100+ Uses for Forms
  • Create Complex Fillable Forms
  • Get Notified Upon Form Submissions
  • Easily Extract Form Data

Comprehensive Healthcare Features Library

  • Calendar function with approval workflows
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • On Call Scheduling Manager
  • Physician Rosters
  • Healthcare Dashboards
  • Class Registrations
  • Ticket Management

Social Networking Tools

  • User Profiles
  • Bookmarks
  • Favorites
  • Blogs
  • RSS newsfeeds
  • Forums
  • Employee recognition tools
  • Classifieds


Download the Employee Engagement in the Digital Age: How hospitals can use an intranet to close the gap

This eBook outlines key concepts on how-to use an Intranet to build stronger teams, boost employee morale, and increase staff collaboration. Find out how your hospital can improve interactions between its staff.

Client Feedback


Andrew Kinnear

Data Analyst

Overall, this is an excellent product that has brought our organization's Intranet into the 21st century. I am extremely pleased with the ease of use and the staff who develop, implement, and support St. Luke's hospital!

Red Hutchison

Chief Information Officer

We chose HospitalPORTAL’s Intranet because it was easy to build, easy to use and robust enough to do whatever we want to do. We have saved thousands of dollars in paper costs along with time thanks to the HospitalPORTAL Intranet.
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Sebastian Vota

PACS Administrator

I wish all training was this comprehensive.

Cass Shockley

Information Specialist & Graphics Designer

I’m hearing such comments as ‘wow,’ ‘I’ve been asking for this for years,’ and ‘you’re saving my department a month’s worth of overtime’ since HospitalPORTAL installed the program.

Additional Resources

Quick Facts Guide

Features, benefits, and more!

Case Study

St. Luke’s Duluth Case Study


Solution Benefits

Simplified and centralized access to vital information including hospital policies and procedures

Increased productivity from having all department task lists in one, centralized location

Improved healthcare communication – streamline distribution of documents and announcements quickly

Decentralized content management frees up IT and keeps content fresh

Automate manual tasks with fillable forms and workflows

Physician resource publishing aids in retention of highly skilled personnel

No additional costs are needed –all features are out-of-the-box and standard hospital intranet implementations

Easily engage and create connections and two-way communication with your staff

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