Should you ever need to change things up on your Intranet based on the function, worry not. Our system provides powerful customization and integration tools so that you can make changes seamlessly.


Microsoft Word® integration is available for policy editing through our Policy Management product. This allows users to seamlessly edit in Word to allow for maximum version control. With such a great familiarity with Microsoft Word® products, your staff will have no problem stepping right in to edit policy documents.

The Policy Management system can be purchased as a stand-alone system and can easily integrate into your current Intranet product. The system allows for cross-linking and cross-referencing documents from other applications connected to your Intranet as well.


HospitalPORTAL Portal Development Kit (PDK) provides a platform for developing new custom components and forms that integrate into the product. The most common use of the PDK is to develop either custom electronically fillable forms or custom components that can be placed on a page.

Simplicity for Developers

PDK is designed for use by developers with experience in Microsoft .net development to expand on the capabilities of the HospitalPORTAL product. With the Portal Development Kit, your IT staff can very easily browse API and class library with all methods and calls that can be safely utilized when developing custom functionality within the portal.

Typically, the following types of components are developed with the PDK:

  • Portal Development Environment project (PDE) – a native Visual Studio project (in C#/ASP.NET) that allows for developing, debugging and testing custom developed functionality before releasing it to the test and production environment.
  • Development manual outlining steps for developing new portal components, forms and EEF extensions.

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