We provide you with a dedicated project manager as well as a client engagement manager to oversee your project and maintain your account. These team members along with our support staff are available for one-on-one consulting from every step of the project. As part of your purchase, you get FREE consultations throughout the year where we provide you with actionable insights and a plan to improve and enhance your systems. Before putting together your portal, our team will consult with yours to map out an exact plan and to figure out the best possible solutions beforehand.

You know your organization better than anyone, therefore you know what will be most intuitive for your staff in terms of organization and placement of content on your Intranet. We will discuss these specifications with you and ensure that they are implemented successfully and to your dynamic requirements. If needed, we will perform a screen share or demo to help your team learn how to place content more effectively.

At the same time, we are ready to answer any questions and offer any advice needed during our consulting sessions. If we spot something that might be an issue based on our system and previous implementations, we will inform you and work with you until it is resolved.

For more informaiton our products and services, please contact us at or feel free to schedule a demo by clicking the button below.