Once a client of HospitalPORTAL, you can enjoy a range of support and training services to help you become the most proficient user and product leader. Our goal is to give you superior client service by guiding you in the best practices in healthcare communication and policy automation. Personable and knowledgeable, our support team is prepared to assist you via email, phone, or web session for any problems you may run into at any time with HospitalPORTAL. We offer an array of services where our team maintains your products for you. See below for more details.


Our in-house, support team has over 19 years of experience supporting the dynamic needs and challenges of hospital IT projects. We bring an in-depth understanding of the idiosyncrasies of healthcare and we provide solutions to the common challenges. Our expert support team helps your team deal with tricky issues, from strategy and governance, to information security and privacy concerns to a successful implementation. We offer annual support services so your team can contact us monthly for all support issues or additional training and product updates.


We will provide you with a dedicated project manager to personally guide your hospital through any potential problem areas and to recommend best practices. You will only have one point of contact to keep the communication flow concise and on track. Technical support includes maintenance, feature enhancements and best practices assistance. Our support department is standing by to provide any assistance.


HospitalPORTAL is constantly evolving and developing new features and enhancements for the systems. We listen to our clients to add functionality that is specific to healthcare. We certify four new builds every year and provide our customers with free system upgrades so they can experience the latest, cutting edge technology for their products.

For information on HospitalPORTAL products and how we can work with your organization, schedule a free demo or request a quote today.