HospitalPORTAL offers both licensed and hosted installations.

On-Premise License Installation

We will install the application remotely for you!
  • System Installed On Client’s Servers and within Client’s Firewall
  • Remote Installation by HospitalPORTAL
  • Maintenance Plan Includes Managed Upgrades and Troubleshooting by HospitalPORTAL
  • One-Time or Annual Subscription License Options Available

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Cloud SaaS Delivery

Eliminate on-premises hardware and maintenance expenses!

Subscription-Based Pricing

Our SaaS service is a subscription-based pricing model and payment structure that allows a healthcare organization to purchase or subscribe to our software product and services for a specific period of time, and for a set price. Our program requires subscribers to commit to a monthly program (12 months commitment required).

Hosted Solution

We have a dedicated data-center that hosts our clients’ solutions that is designed for high-volume, high-traffic, and database-driven websites. By hosting your application with HospitalPORTAL, organizations keep from having to invest in hardware to run specific programs that are not practical to run on your existing infrastructure. Your applications will be accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. New users can be added quickly and all updates are automated and centralized. Additional benefits include high-performance solid state (SSD) storage, multiple layers of data security, and experienced support by US-based engineers.

  • Managed Application Hosting Services
  • Data Center Entry Gained Through 5 Layers of Physical Security
  • 24/7 Help Desk Staff by Level II and Level III Engineers
  • SOC 2 Data Center Certification
  • HIPAA Certified
  • Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Automatic, FREE Updates
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Best Practices Response Times for Support
  • Maximum uptime

Active Directory Support & Azure Integration

We provide cloud ready identity and access management. We have staff that is knowledgeable in both Active Directory and Microsoft Azure Integrations. We will help your team with simplified authentication for current and future needs.

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A fully featured and modern Intranet with an integrated Policies and Procedures Management Solution that no longer requires a large hospital budget. Our solution is an out-of-the-box Content Management System (CMS) specifically designed for healthcare organizations. Our system contains a healthcare-specific features library with functions such as On-Call Scheduling, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Board and Physician Pages, and much more.