How An Intranet Can De-Stress Your Workforce

Recorded Webinar

Recorded Webinar:

Today, many hospitals are literally wasting money by not using technology to automate their internal communications leading to stressful work environments and pressure from stakeholders to connect and engage with workforces. When you think of the Intranet, do you think of something stale, ugly, and unused by your employees? A modern Intranet can streamline communication, create employee engagement, and add organization to your hospital’s workflow.

Compliance worries will be mitigated and your work life will never be forever changed with automated approvals and reviews of contracts, policies, and documents.’s Intranet will be the internal, password-protected gateway to utilizing these features and more. The Intranet solutions available today are in fact Not your Dad’s Intranet and we hope you will join us so we may guide you through what today’s technology can do for your organization.

What you will learn:

  • Benefits of having a hospital Intranet
  • Misconceptions about old versus modern Intranets
  • Features, security, and simplicity of today’s Intranet
  • Best practices for implementing an Intranet and what makes a quality Intranet vendor

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