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Simplified Custom Report Generation in PDF or Excel Formats

  • Run Document In-Effect Reports by Date Range
  • View Documents Pending Action and Document Timeline Reports
  • Display Top Viewed and Recently Updated Documents On Any Page
  • Highlight

Our built-in policy manager comes with a number of very helpful reports to monitor and track your organization’s compliance. You can choose from a list of built-in reporting tools or access admin consoles for easy exporting in multiple formats such as PDFs, Word, and Excel outputs. You can easily report on data to show deeper insights into your document access and views. Our intranet dashboards will provide high-level overviews for meetings and busy healthcare professionals. 


Intranet Reports

  • Searched Keyword Listing
  • Page Statistic Summary or Detailed Report
  • Document View Summary
  • Documents Pending Action
  • Top Viewed Documents
  • Document Timeline Reports
  • Complete Revision History
  • Summary of Changes
  • Recently Updated Documents
  • Forms Results
  • Easily Integrates with Google Analytics
  • View Likes
  • View Comments
  • Document in Effect

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Intranet Accountability and Comprehension:

  • Policy Quizzes
  • Read Acknowledgement Status Reports
  • Notice of Acceptance

Intranet Dashboard Widgets:

  • Policy Charts
  • Documents by Due Date
  • Notice of Acceptance
  • My Tasks
  • Upcoming Document Reviews 12 Month
  • Ticket Tracking – My Ticket Status
  • My Owned Documents

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