From the archiving, search functions, and labels, there’s no way you’ll be confused on where policies are at in the process. On top of all of these features, our policy manager, contains a workflow function that immediately notifies users of the status of their documents – that way, you know exactly when a document moves and can work immediately from there if need be.

Additionally, we have reporting functions that can be run at any time to check and double check compliance and policy tasks.

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Email Notifications

Staff will receive email notifications throughout the lifecycle of a policy, including expiration reminders, review alerts or revision notifications. Staff can click on the link in the email and get to work on the policy right from there. 

Custom Reports

Users can run reports to ensure accreditation and compliance of their documents. Reports can be exported in MS Excel® or Adobe® PDF formats for easy viewing and sorting through data. At any time throughout the life of the policy, you can easily run reports on your current activity to share with auditors. Additionally, you can run custom reports to see where policies are at in the process, as well as to see where employees left off with their work. 


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On-Screen Reminders

Intranet alerts can be customized on screen under a “reminders” tab. Staff will be alerted as to where documents are at in the approval process and how many documents are at each step.

Document Cues

The system offers a number of document specific cues and alerts that can help staff or policy owners to identify updated/revised policies, redlined documents, policies in draft, and policies that are expiring.

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