Now, when it comes to revising policies, the workflow is simple, quick and cohesive. Approving documents and policies has gone from printing, scanning and re-uploading to just one-click. The system automatically moves the documents between the steps based on the action of the user (i.e. upon approval of the final document by the approvers, the system locks down the approval function and generates reminders to the moderator to complete the Publishing step). This feature eliminates the need for manual tracking and review of document statuses. 

The system supports the following workflow structure: Supported  workflow roles and responsibilities.jpgInline Word Editing

The HospitalPORTAL Policy Manager includes an Inline Word Editing Feature, which means no more printing out policies or hospital contracts. This eliminates the possibility of important forms being lost in the shuffle, while simultaneously creating more order and saving money on printing costs for your organization.

This feature allows you to revise documents completely digitally. Instead of spending time downloading and uploading documents to edit them, our Word Editing feature allows you to edit directly within the HospitalPORTAL platform, ensuring security and efficiency when saving documents back to the system.

P&P_ApprovalDraftScreen.jpgCollaboration Messages

Remember that communication is key. Keep track of questions, comments and concerns for each individual policy by attaching a message to it before sending it off to the next step. These collaboration tools will improve policy communication and humanize the automated process.

Summary of Changes

For any policy that is declined, users can attach a summary of changes to explain needed edits. All summary of changes comments are tracked and reportable through the system.

One-Click Approval

Again, no more printing out to read/sign forms. Our policy manager provides a quick, one-click system to approving edited policies.  



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