HospitalPORTAL's powerful search engine gives employees the ability to quickly and efficiently search various documents, policies, and hospital contracts. This intuitive feature requires no additional training for end users and it will serve up relevant content in a matter of seconds!

When staff is searching for different documents, our system will easily keep them in the know as to where the policy is at in the process through on-screen reminders, document alerts, and email notifications. These alerts allow policy owners to know exactly what needs their attention, and what is expected of them throughout the workflow automation.

Search Results.jpgAdvanced Filters

If you select our Intranet employee portal, you can search for policies and documents on any page of the system making it easy for your staff, doctors or physicians to quickly locate the most recent policy. Staff can utilize our strong navigational system and search for specific policies and documents by entering either the title, document body, keyword or joint commission number.

Within the HospitalPORTAL Intranet and Poilcy Management platform, users have multiple search options available: search by keyword, title, document body and by a collection or folder of documents. With multiple search capabilities staff can easily locate policies and procedures that they are familiar with.

Tag Documents with Keywords

All documents can be tagged with additional keywords to enhance the searching process. This is extremely beneficial for the users that are familiar with joint commission, CMS or standards. By tagging documents with this regulatory content, you can ensure that your staff will find the policies they need with a simple search and a click.


hr policies.jpgSearch Control Results

The results are summarized and delivered intuitively for quick scanning. The Result screen also provides the total records returned in the top left corner of the page. A URL to the resulting content is also displayed below the description to indicate where the user will be redirected if the link is clicked. Hyperlinks to the resulting content is also displayed below the description to indicate where the user will be redirected if the link is clicked.

This allows for quicker document retrieval after the search is performed.

Role and Access
Secure Access

HospitalPORTAL provides functionality to synchronize your Active Directory with the employee portal and policy management system.

Policy administrators have complete control over granting users or groups of users with varying levels of access to view, edit or read documents. Roles and assignments can be configured on a collection of documents or even on the document level. Additionally, in the event that there is staff turnover, it is very easy to replace a staff’s assignments quickly and easily by using the P&P admin console. A quick email change replaces the current staff with the new one.

Easy Sharing

All documents contain a document properties menu that allows users to copy url’s for easy sharing of policies. Users with policy rights can change document settings and replace files from the properties tab too. 

Related Documents

The document properties menu has the ability to attach related documetns from the system or from other applications that the organization is using. Having the ability to cross-reference other policies and procedures with one search makes accessing content intuitive and efficient. Save minutes with this simple feature!

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