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Employee Recognition Tools

With Facebook at over 1 billion users, social networking is not going to go away anytime soon. It is very important that healthcare organizations offer a “professional Facebook” type communication tool that would allow staff to interact and engage with each other in a similar way. There is a fundamental truth about human behavior—people like to be praised. 

An Intranet should be a place that contains ways to give Kudos to fellow employees praising them for a job well done. Peer-to-peer recognition is a great way for hospitals to use an Intranet to promote team culture. Our many social engagement features create a two-way communication environment for sharing, building relationships, and honoring great work. LeadershipBlogs.jpg

Personal Profiles
  • Identify staff that speak a different language
  • Locate staff contact information for collaboration
  • Workflows and forms
  • New hires trying to familiarize themselves with staff and leadership
  • Project teams looking for staff with a specialized skill set

Social Networking Tools

  • Communicate more freely between departments and facilitate knowledge sharing across your network
  • Like and comment on blog posts, databases, content sections, events and online video content
  • Strengthen relationships with searchable profile pages that have photos, details about responsibilities
  • Connect via chat, message boards, forums and blogs with commenting features to encourage collaboration at every level, from leaders to administrators
  • Use surveys to establish an environment where employees feel that they have a voice
  • Create groups or workspaces to increase productivity and promote a team culture
  • Automatically generate job function newsfeeds to keep staff abreast of their tasks

Blogs, Forums, NewsfeedsNominate.jpg

  • Share news quickly and easily across organization
  • A platform for bi-directional communication with staff via moderated and non-moderated forums
  • Post classifieds, job postings and ride shares

Employee Spotlights

  • Highlight or nominate staff for good work – share kudos
  • Create a positive environment and work culture

Cafeteria Menu

  • Highlight daily menus, employee recipes, hours


  • Add external weather widgets for more personalization
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