Send read acknowledgement requests to select users as another layer to ensure organization and compliance. Our security system allows admins to require users to acknowledge when they read or revise forms. That way, documents are not passed along too early or without being reviewed efficiently.

alt textEnsure readership

Our secure staff attestation function improves compliance and patient care. It keeps your organization at ease and ensures that all employees are viewing, reviewing and using the most up-to-date policies and procedures.

Subscription-based read requests

Users can now subscribe to updates on select policies. When a policy gets updated, an email notification will arrive in the user’s inbox with a link to the updated policy.

 Security feature

Our read acknowledgement feature has a built in security step that will not allow staff to attest to reading the document without opening the document first. This adds one more layer of confidence to ensuring your staff, physicians and stakeholders are viewing the most recent policy updates.


Users are alerted via email when they need to take action to a changed document. By clicking a link out of the email, staff can go directly to the read acknowledgement pane on the Intranet and open and view the document and attest to readership. These notifications can also be sent to management daily or weekly alerting them of a list of staff that have not yet read the select policies.

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