"We are loving the update. It’s been very helpful as I’ve been updating the site. We are currently working on getting each department on board to utilize their department pages as efficiently as possible. We are preparing for an upcoming Medicare survey as well, and it has been great to have many of our regulations covered by Portal capabilities."

Kristen Higley

Administrative Specialist
Caribou Memorial Hospital


“Overall, this is an excellent product that has brought our organization's Intranet into the 21st century. I am extremely pleased with the ease of use and the staff who develop, implement, and support St. Luke's hospital!”

Andrew Kinnear

Data Analyst
St. Luke's Hospital

“HCHC has had an excellent vendor partnership with HospitalPORTAL for many years. During that time, the HCHC intranet has received national and international recognition. The HospitalPORTAL intranet product allows HCHC to deliver innovative business tools that improve processes, quality, and patient safety to our entire organization and serves as a main communication hub for HCHC associates. We use their Intranet Portal product daily as a tool to communicate important information to our associates and provide them access to a variety of documents, policies and procedures. We’ve found their staff to be professional, helpful and responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend their products and services to your organization.”

Stacy Speidel

Systems Administrator,
Henry County Health Center – Mt. Pleasant, IA

Henry County Health Center Testimony

"Now that we have implemented and gone live with HospitalPORTAL we have begun to innovate new ways to simplify and streamline outdated tasks and processes. On our old intranet, we had to go look for 3rd party solutions for each new project (embedding media, creating forms, image galleries, embedding documents). HospitalPORTAL has everything that we need built in. . . . I can’t say enough about HospitalPORTAL’s features, training, implementation materials and preparations, go live assistance, support and new training materials. I have and will continue to highly recommend HospitalPORTAL."

Randall Chewning

Systems/Network Administrator,
Rush Memorial Hospital, Indiana

“We chose HospitalPORTAL’s Intranet because it was easy to build, easy to use and robust enough to do whatever we want to do. We have saved thousands of dollars in paper costs along with time thanks to the HospitalPORTAL Intranet.”

Red Hutchison

Chief Information Officer,
LRGHealthcare, New Hampshire

LRG Healthcare Testimony
David Health System Tesimony

“I’m hearing such comments as ‘wow,’ ‘I’ve been asking for this for years,’ and ‘you’re saving my department a month’s worth of overtime’ since HospitalPORTAL installed the program.”

Cass Shockley

Information Specialist & Graphics Designer, 
Davis Health System – Elkins, WV

“Since we’ve implemented HospitalPORTAL’s Intranet, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our staff. HospitalPORTAL has a great support staff who are able to address any issues or questions we have in a very timely manner!”

Connie Brookshaw

Medical Staff Coordinator,
Baldwin Area Medical Center, Wisconsin

Baldwin Area Medical Center Tesitomony
Olmsted Medical Center Testimony

"Over the past year, we've worked very closely with HospitalPORTAL and a core team of OMC employees to further optimize our Intranet, 'OMConnect,' as an organizational communication hub. That work is just starting to pay off in reduced e-mail volume and a much lower chance of message misinterpretation by OMC staff.  And we're really excited to see how employees put OMConnect's new social-media-like features to work!"

Angie Jensen

Technical Communications Specialist and Intranet Administrator,
Olmsted Medical Center, Minnesota

"I've dealt with similar content management systems from companies who make general solutions. But when you get into the details, it's difficult working with support teams who don't understand the needs you have. Healthcare is very unique -- a lot of acronyms and regulations to keep in mind. When we talked about healthcare-specific topics, like a policy for MRI, HospitalPORTAL knew what we were talking about."

Randy Kelly

Hospital Webmaster,
Union Hospital, Maryland

union hospital testimony
edwards County hospital testimony

“We chose it because it did not rely on one central person to manage it. All departments can keep it updated. That helps the IT staff share the responsibility, and makes other departments accountable.”

Alisha Herrmann

Director of Information Technology,
Edwards County Hospital, Kansas


"The product is extremely stable and easy to use.   We really like all of the capabilities (components) it provides.  We use it for Policies and Procedures, Ticketing/Help Desk, Telephone Directory, Occupational Health, Forms, Security Access requests, etc.  The support team is very responsive and thorough in resolving our issues.  "

Patricia Witthaus 

Director of Information Technology 
Valley Regional Healthcare - Claremont, NH 

“Now, during surveys or state mandated investigations, whenever a surveyor asks for policies and procedures on a particular item, the person can go in a workstation and obtain the information in seconds. This was almost turnkey and our IT department customized all 13 sites from the platform in just weeks.”

Jason LaMarca

Corporate Marketing Manager & Webmaster,
Prime Healthcare Services, Inc., California

Prime Healthcare Testimony

"HospitalPORTAL has been a great help to us in managing our intranet through the years, but they’ve been especially helpful in our recent redesign. They are helping us base the new design on actual data that reflects our users and their preferences. They great at keeping us on task and offering best practices and suggestions based on their experience with other organizations. This is very valuable to our process."

Katie N. Johnson

VP, Marketing & Communications and LRH Foundation
Lake Region Healthcare – Fergus Falls, MN

"Thank you so much for working with us on our intranet.  It has been a great change for our organization."

Lori Beeby

Information Systems Director
Community Hospital - McCook, NE


"We appreciate the open conversations that we can have with HospitalPORTAL regarding the specific needs that our hospital has had for functionality of the Portal.  Our Portal is a very large part of the way that we communicate to our staff.  It is a great tool for communicating, organizing, and informing staff.  "

Jen R. Thompson

Senior Marketing Specialist
Bay Area Medical center - Marinette, WI

"HospitalPORTAL has allowed our facility to come together under one roof. Internal communications are more streamlined and our staff is aware of what we have going on within our healthcare system. HospitalPORTAL has been a great partner and they are quick to help if we need their assistance with our employee portal."

Ashley Trudo

Marketing & PR Manager 
West Park Hospital – Cody, WY


"Thank you for all your help!  I’m glad things went as smoothly as they have and look forward to it continuing to go smoothly.  You have a wonderful product, you should be proud of yourselves for developing it and sharing it with the rest of the world….

…We greatly appreciate it along with your continuing communication and thoughtfulness.  Sometimes I feel like we are your only customer."

Aaron Sletten 

Network Administrator II
Memorial Medical Center - Ashland, WI


"With our growing number of employees, it has become increasingly challenging to communicate effectively. We were searching for a solution - something that could help us accomplish several goals including: staff communication, policy organization and document management. We're extremely pleased with our initial kickoff and response from staff so far! HospitalPORTAL has been a great resource throughout training and implementation!"

Rochelle Williams

Grant Regional Health Center

"The Policies and Procedures Management Tool is both a functional and efficient solution for managing policies. As a fairly new administrator of MMH’s P & P sector of our intranet, it’s imperative for me to retrieve policies in a timely manner. The search feature allows me to effortlessly locate a policy, simply by typing in text found in the policy title, document body or pre-set keywords. Huge time saver!"

Gena DeHamer

Margaret Mary Community Hospital


"I wish all training was this comprehensive."

Sebastian Vota

PACS Administrator
Marshall Medical Center