HospitalPORTAL's Policy Management system offers many features that support organizations in reinforcing mandated regulations and compliance standards. Old versions of revised policies are automatically archived and can be retrieved by authorized users. Documents can be tagged with keywords to cross-reference corresponding standards too. 


 Track Changes

Tracking the lifecycle of a policy can be done in seconds. With the HospitalPORTAL policy management software, you can quickly locate and view all changes and revisions made to policies throughout the process to ensure transparency, order, and a smooth and accessible audit.

 Document Indexing

Our organized system also provides a way to index policies by “in effect” date so policy owners can report on and confirm compliance for a potential unannounced audit.

 Auto Archiving

The built-in revision control logic automatically archives the prior version of the document along with its collaboration notes and user action audit trail. The authorized users can always access the prior version of any document stored at any point of time in HospitalPORTAL.

 Template control

Pre-developed policy templates can be uploaded for policy users to use in the creation of new policies to keep organization branding and formatting consistent.

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