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Benefits Of An Out-Of-The-Box Healthcare-Specific Intranet Solution

Many healthcare organizations debate about the best way to create an intranet that provides the functionality they need while considering practical issues such as available technical resources, specialized expertise, development skills, ongoing support, and more. This session will present HospitalPortal’s award winning healthcare-specific intranet solution: out-of-the-box yet configurable and customizable.
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5 Key Intranet Features IT Departments LOVE

Hospitals' IT departments are notoriously overloaded, making "work smarter, not harder" a very appropriate mantra. With meaningful use, new clinical systems, and ICD-10 approaching, most hospital IT departments are routinely stretched beyond capacity to just do the essentials. This leaves little time to manage systems such as an intranet.
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Leverage Your Hospital Intranet As Emergency Preparedness Broadcasting Tool

Most hospital leadership is well-versed in the principles of Emergency Preparedness. But have you considered how to ensure your hospital would respond well if an incident occurred without warning at an "off-peak" time, when administrators and leadership were not already there?
This timely session will feature speaker Dev Raheja. A respected and sought out expert on hospital and medical device safety, author of the popular book Safer Hospital Care, Dev Raheja draws on his 25 years of experience as a risk management and quality assurance consultant to provide hospital stakeholders with a systematic way to learn the science of safe care.
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Must-Have Web Solution For Small & Rural Hospitals

Today's Small and Rural Hospitals are under constant pressure to do more with less and to respond to continually changing regulations. These challenges put a spotlight on optimizing internal communication and process improvement across the organization. This session will cover real-world ways forward-thinking small and rural hospitals can put an out-of-the-box intranet to work in their organizations.
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Key Intranet Features Hospital Marketing Departments LOVE - Webinar

Hospitals’ marketing departments often serve as the intranet’s visionary and business owner, which usually bodes well for the intranet. Marketing staff are typically tech savvy, ahead of the curve, and have an eye for graphics that will not only promote the hospital brand but also reel staff in to interact with the intranet.
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Overcoming SharePoint's Shortcomings In Healthcare Policy Management

Regulatory, compliance, and accreditation requirements for today's hospitals are more stringent than ever, leaving many hospitals scrambling to measure up. There are many i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed in order for a hospital to be "audit ready." The reality is that most hospitals are lacking in one or more aspects of policy management.