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A Case Study Webinar with St. Luke's Hospital in Duluth, MN

St. Luke’s, MN had an archaic Intranet system that left their staff wondering how to access certain documents and vital information. The challenge of working with an Intranet system that was created decades ago, the hospital also faced major concerns about the efficiency of their policy management system.

Find out how St. Luke's Hospital revolutionized their communications and their policy management using the HospitalPORTAL Intranet and Policy Management System for a successful Intranet Project journey.


Best Practices: Internal Communication In A Rural Hospital Setting

An intranet should serve as the centralized communication hub for your staff, physicians, board members and stakeholders. Whether it be for distributing vital information, providing a team workspace to collaborate or sharing news with upper level management, your intranet should be the "go to" place. And just like with any other website, internal or external-facing, how you market your intranet will play a big part in the success of this initiative.

Webinar - Are You Compliant And CMS Survey Ready?

 Are you compliant and CMS survey ready? What types of information should you be monitoring and tracking to stay compliant? How can you prepare and train your staff? What tools can you use to help your organization develop an effective CMS compliance program? These questions may be daunting but this webinar will provide a step towards breathing easy again.

How An Intranet Can De-Stress Your Workforce

Today, many hospitals are literally wasting money by not using technology to leverage their internal communications. When you think of the Intranet, do you think of something stale, ugly, and unused by your employees? A modern intranet can streamline communication, create employee engagement, and add organization to your hospital's workflow and de-stress your workforce. Compliance worries will be mitigated and your work life will never be forever changed with automated approvals and reviews of contracts, policies, and documents. 
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Webinar - Employee Engagement Through A Hospital Intranet

A social intranet promotes employee engagement by offering tools that foster peer-to-peer collaboration and employee participation on the intranet. This can help to enhance and support employee culture, your hospital values, mission statement, and annual hospital goals.

Hospital emergency communication

Hospital Emergency Communication: Spreading The Changing News About Ebola

In this webinar you’ll hear about Ashtabula County Medical Center (ACMC) and its sudden bout with preparing for the Ebola virus hitting near home in Ohio. They were able to overcome the challenge with the help of a quick and effective Emergency Communication System. 
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Webinar - Getting A New Intranet: How And Why Best Practices

The days of looking at an internal communication hub as merely a luxury are long gone. While easy, quick access to pertinent information is becoming a standard in our personal lives, having this same type of urgency and accessibility in a professional, hospital environment is equally, if not more, important. As Community Hospital (McCook, NE) has discovered, implementing an intranet is a perfect way to do this! Whether you’re starting from scratch, coming from a home-grown intranet, or switching intranet vendors, implementing a new intranet may seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! It’s not as intimidating as you may think.
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Case Study With Carteret General Hospital

In this webinar healthcare case study, you will learn first hand how Donna Prosser, the Director of Education and Clinical Practice at Carteret General Hospital in Morehead City, North Carolina, and her colleagues went through an intranet implementation of the HospitalPORTAL Employee Portal at their facility. Carteret's MyNet was recently honored as a best-in-class hospital intranet by being named as the recipient of a 2011 Web Health Award.

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Benefits Of An Out-Of-The-Box Healthcare-Specific Intranet Solution

Many healthcare organizations debate about the best way to create an intranet that provides the functionality they need while considering practical issues such as available technical resources, specialized expertise, development skills, ongoing support, and more. This session will present HospitalPortal’s award winning healthcare-specific intranet solution: out-of-the-box yet configurable and customizable.
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5 Key Intranet Features IT Departments LOVE

Hospitals' IT departments are notoriously overloaded, making "work smarter, not harder" a very appropriate mantra. With meaningful use, new clinical systems, and ICD-10 approaching, most hospital IT departments are routinely stretched beyond capacity to just do the essentials. This leaves little time to manage systems such as an intranet.